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Plunging head-first into socks

I’ve been meaning to knit socks for quite a while… I’ve progressed from scarves to hats to blankets to sweaters to gloves. I went from flat knitting to circular knitting on DPNs, to circular needles, to finding out about the wonders of magic loop. I’ve done color work (okay, it wasn’t that pretty, but it was done), mastered cabling (cabling without needles – oh so useful), tackled lace and laughed in the face of dropped stitches (okay, not really, I cry – and then thank my lucky stars for life lines), increases, decreases, joining seams, picking up stitches, … even some crochet!

I’ve done quite a bit in my few years of knitting, if I do say so myself, but somehow I completely bypassed the sock-phase. I think it’s partly because those heels scare me half to death… not sure why, I mean they’re only HEELS, but there you have it. My name is Lina and I’m afraid of sock heels. Excuse me while I hide behind the couch.

But seriously, I’ve decided it’s about time I learn. And considering that DH, who abhors wearing socks around the house, has recently gotten in the habit of doing so – yes, it’s COLD this winter – I have been inspired by a fellow blogger to tackle socks to make for him (well, and one or two for myself along the way, of course)! It’s going to be tough, stitches will most likely be lost, needles might be dropped and curses will definitely be thrown at the heavens, but I promise myself that I will endure! *insert triumphant laugh here*

As such things go, I of course already have some sock yarn in my stash from my dreams of one day making socks (yes, I am a yarn addict). However, I have no sock yarn in my stash that is worthy of a manly man’s sock, which means I have to go out and get myself some, which I will probably do pretty soon. Until I can get to a store, however, I’m already starting my sock-making plan for myself. In particular, I have decided that my very first pair of socks will be Monkey as they are not only gorgeous but supposed to be not that hard – and as much as making a completely stockinette sock would probably be the EASIEST way for me to get started, I’m afraid I would get bored very very quickly, not to mention having to WEAR it later… I want pretty socks! So, yes, it shall be Monkey I think, which I will knit with one of these two colors:

First up, I have this gorgeous Blackberry color sock yarn:

Sock yarn

Sock yarn

It’s a beautiful color and probably would show off the pattern very well, I think. The second one is more fun but is definitely a Fall color sock, and I’m not sure if I want to do Monkey with it… maybe I’ll wait until I’ve finished both my sock and DH’s sock (with unknown yarn) and then tackle the more difficult Pomatomus, which is so gorgeous, I must have it! Lots of Ravelry users using Lorna’s Laces multi with it, too, and it turns out really well with it, so it’s definitely a possibility… unless I knit the Monkey sock and decide socks just are not for me – eek!

Anyway, here’s my Fall/Halloween themed color – possibly to become a Pomatomus:

Sock yarn

Sock yarn

Sock yarn

I love the colors in this one and I think it would turn out lovely! I’m getting very excited about casting on my first pair of socks ever (though still scared enough of the heel to hide behind the couch). I hope it won’t scare me off socks forever… though becoming a sock-addict like so many are is probably NOT a good thing as I’m supposed to be knitting up other things as well. I shall have to find a healthy balance between socks and everything else! 😉

Socks and all other patterns are on hold until Monday, though, as I have the presentation I’ve been working on forever tomorrow (please wish me luck – I’m not even supposed to be blogging today… bad!!!) and another (similar, but not the same) presentation on Monday!

Before I go back to memorizing research stuff, has everyone seen the new Knitty patterns posted today? I think I really love Montera, but since I already have a jacket in my queue (the gorgeous Sylvi from Twist Collective), it will probably go on my back burner for quite a while longer. So much to knit, so little time!


My dog is cute, this I know

The last couple of days have been pretty blegh, as I’m sure you’ve noticed from my post below. Work has been so busy for me and this presentation is seriously no fun to work on. I was finally able to finish the paper, so that was a small blip of good – until I realized, of course, that the presentation isn’t done yet… To add to my dreary mood, it’s supposed to snow tonight and then mix with sleet in the morning and rain the afternoon. It just gets better and better, no?

Basically, I just haven’t been feeling all that up and happy lately. So it was a welcome surprise when I received some really awesome news by e-mail! I just had to share with the blog because it made me smile and call a bunch of family members and actually did bring a little bit of sunshine to my otherwise dull day! And just what was this miracle happy drug e-mail? It turns out that this photo contest for a dog magazine that I entered forever ago (I actually had sort of forgotten about it, to tell you the truth) just finished and I was one of the winners!!! I am so excited about this! I don’t get anything special out of it, but Kubrick’s photo will be published in Modern Dog magazine and they will send me a free copy of it. I know this isn’t huge as I’m not winning anything per se, but it really did brighten up my day and I think it’ll be great to see Kubrick in print too!

What picture won, you ask? Well, it’s one that I’ve already posted on this blog, though it was a while ago. I’ve actually gotten so many comments about this picture – check out the goofy look on Kubrick’s face – and I’m really glad they picked it, because it’s one of my all-time favorites!

Oh and just wanted to add that, yes, it’s okay to laugh at him in this picture… Kubrick’s a good sport, he won’t mind. 😉


Is Spring here yet?

Yet another dreary winter day here in NYC. It was sunnier than it’s been, that’s true, but no less cold. As a matter of fact, the cold was pretty dreadful and we spent all day holed up inside. It really could be the holed up all weekend, or perhaps the fact that I’ve been writing up my research thesis proposal all weekend non-stop, or even the fact that I’ve had a bad cold and headache all day… whatever it is, all I know is that I’ve been feeling yucky all day and just want winter to be over already. And it’s only January! That means I still have to make it all the way through February, which we all know is basically the worst month ever weather-wise.

In fact, the only one in this apartment who truly enjoyed their day was Kubrick, who laid in bed for most of it. I wish I could have joined him but I had to write! Do you see how cozy he looks?

Lazy Sunday

In order to stave off my winter day blues (or would that be grays?) I decided to peruse through my stash and find me some beautiful Spring color. You know, the kind that pops out at you? My stash is pretty big – it’s pretty much too too big, taking up four very large bins/baskets. DH has made me promise no more yarn shopping for a while, so I am on probation here until I can knit my stash down a bit… Anyway, since I can never remember everything that is in my stash, digging through it is sort of like going on a treasure hunt where you love every single piece of treasure you “find” because, well, you bought every single piece of it! So I’m looking for that popping color, and there it was! I bought it LAST April and never got around to it, but I’m going to make it my first Spring project of this year for sure. I mean, just look at this yarn:

A touch of Spring?

Doesn’t it just SCREAM Spring?

A touch of Spring?

What about this picture? Do you remember color? I feel like I’ve forgotten it in all this dreary winter… but here it is again!

A touch of Spring?

The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in the color Lilly Pad and it is so very soft to the touch too. And I’m sure you’re wondering what this wonderful bit of color will become. When I get around to knitting it, which I will do as soon as all the winter knitting is done, it’s going to be a gorgeous colorful springtime wrap:

A touch of Spring?

I know it’s hard to see in the picture, but that’s the Lake of the Woods wrap/shawl. I think it will be lovely, don’t you? 🙂

I hope these colorful pictures will be able to stave off winter a tiny bit for you too! What are you looking forward to knitting in the Spring?

My Platonic Love Affair

I received my new copy of Vogue Knitting (Winter 08/09) issue a couple of days ago and just managed to sit down tonight to flip through it. I’ll admit, I’m not a HUGE Vogue Knitting fan… I usually only find one or two patterns that I’d like to knit for myself (I’m more of an Interweave girl, myself), but I do get it because usually I do love those one or two patterns. Plus, my sister will always find some patterns that she just LOVES in Vogue Knitting, so I get some ideas for her Christmas and birthday presents from it. Anyway, I’m flipping through the magazine, just browsing, when I hit a page that causes me to jump out of my chair and do a little dance… no really, I did. DH is asleep and the only one who saw was the dog, Kubrick, who looked at me once and joined me, LOL. Dancing is one of his favorite activities EVER, as demonstrated by this picture (please note the cute little tongue sticking out – yes, he is adorable):

Jerky please

But I digress. So you’re probably wondering what made me jump out of my chair and dance like a mad woman… Well, as you may recall (or just scroll down a couple of posts), I have already admitted to being platonically in love with, and secretly hoping to stalk (shhh! Don’t tell him!), Jared Flood. So you can all just imagine my little scream of glee (and mad-woman dance) when I received my latest issue of Vogue Knitting (Winter 08/09) and found a brand-spanking-new Brooklyntweed pattern. This time, he’s made the most amazing pair of gloves ever. If you haven’t seen them yet, click here for the Ravelry pattern page.

OH MY GOD I am in LOVE! AGAIN! haha! They’re absolutely gorgeous, though very cable intensive – is that an understatement or what, LOL? They’re going in my queue right away and I’m already thinking of yarn to use. A nice Malabrigo in red or blue, or perhaps a Blue Sky Alpaca silk blend…. or something else entirely. Maybe even the yarn used in the pattern to make a “classic” one, haha! It just sucks that I am too busy to start working on it any time soon… realistically it will probably be the end of February before I can cast on – and yes, I am crying a little on the inside over this.

Sorry if my outburst of excitement over some gloves made you all fear for my sanity… I swear I’m not insane over Jared Flood. Not yet, at least.

Welcome to the new blog!

I know I just started out on Blogger like 2 months ago, but I already feel like I outgrew it! WordPress has such cooler features, I just had to move to it… I guess that’s what I get for not doing my full research before starting Photo.Knit.Dog.

Oh, well, I’m here now! Hope you all enjoy the new blog and please update your links if you have me bookmarked! All the posts (and comments) have been moved here as well, so not much is different! Oh and just for kicks, here’s one of my favorites of our wedding pics. We just received all of our prints last week! 🙂


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