Plunging head-first into socks

I’ve been meaning to knit socks for quite a while… I’ve progressed from scarves to hats to blankets to sweaters to gloves. I went from flat knitting to circular knitting on DPNs, to circular needles, to finding out about the wonders of magic loop. I’ve done color work (okay, it wasn’t that pretty, but it was done), mastered cabling (cabling without needles – oh so useful), tackled lace and laughed in the face of dropped stitches (okay, not really, I cry – and then thank my lucky stars for life lines), increases, decreases, joining seams, picking up stitches, … even some crochet!

I’ve done quite a bit in my few years of knitting, if I do say so myself, but somehow I completely bypassed the sock-phase. I think it’s partly because those heels scare me half to death… not sure why, I mean they’re only HEELS, but there you have it. My name is Lina and I’m afraid of sock heels. Excuse me while I hide behind the couch.

But seriously, I’ve decided it’s about time I learn. And considering that DH, who abhors wearing socks around the house, has recently gotten in the habit of doing so – yes, it’s COLD this winter – I have been inspired by a fellow blogger to tackle socks to make for him (well, and one or two for myself along the way, of course)! It’s going to be tough, stitches will most likely be lost, needles might be dropped and curses will definitely be thrown at the heavens, but I promise myself that I will endure! *insert triumphant laugh here*

As such things go, I of course already have some sock yarn in my stash from my dreams of one day making socks (yes, I am a yarn addict). However, I have no sock yarn in my stash that is worthy of a manly man’s sock, which means I have to go out and get myself some, which I will probably do pretty soon. Until I can get to a store, however, I’m already starting my sock-making plan for myself. In particular, I have decided that my very first pair of socks will be Monkey as they are not only gorgeous but supposed to be not that hard – and as much as making a completely stockinette sock would probably be the EASIEST way for me to get started, I’m afraid I would get bored very very quickly, not to mention having to WEAR it later… I want pretty socks! So, yes, it shall be Monkey I think, which I will knit with one of these two colors:

First up, I have this gorgeous Blackberry color sock yarn:

Sock yarn

Sock yarn

It’s a beautiful color and probably would show off the pattern very well, I think. The second one is more fun but is definitely a Fall color sock, and I’m not sure if I want to do Monkey with it… maybe I’ll wait until I’ve finished both my sock and DH’s sock (with unknown yarn) and then tackle the more difficult Pomatomus, which is so gorgeous, I must have it! Lots of Ravelry users using Lorna’s Laces multi with it, too, and it turns out really well with it, so it’s definitely a possibility… unless I knit the Monkey sock and decide socks just are not for me – eek!

Anyway, here’s my Fall/Halloween themed color – possibly to become a Pomatomus:

Sock yarn

Sock yarn

Sock yarn

I love the colors in this one and I think it would turn out lovely! I’m getting very excited about casting on my first pair of socks ever (though still scared enough of the heel to hide behind the couch). I hope it won’t scare me off socks forever… though becoming a sock-addict like so many are is probably NOT a good thing as I’m supposed to be knitting up other things as well. I shall have to find a healthy balance between socks and everything else! 😉

Socks and all other patterns are on hold until Monday, though, as I have the presentation I’ve been working on forever tomorrow (please wish me luck – I’m not even supposed to be blogging today… bad!!!) and another (similar, but not the same) presentation on Monday!

Before I go back to memorizing research stuff, has everyone seen the new Knitty patterns posted today? I think I really love Montera, but since I already have a jacket in my queue (the gorgeous Sylvi from Twist Collective), it will probably go on my back burner for quite a while longer. So much to knit, so little time!


11 responses to “Plunging head-first into socks

  1. Liz 01.29.2009 at 7:47 pm

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting because then I discovered yours! Good Luck with the Monkeys. I made these twice and they were fun.

    Of course, I suppose you know that once you finish your first pair of socks, you will be addicted, and you will fall down that rabbit hole, never to emerge!

  2. babblingbrook 01.29.2009 at 9:20 pm

    Socks are awesome 🙂 But honestly, it took me 2 years to make my first complete pair & I didn’t really get hooked on them until a year or two later. Now they are pretty much all I make!

    Heels are really not that hard – the instructions may seem confusing but just follow them , even if it doesn’t make sense & you’ll get it!

    Good luck on your presentation! My big project that is taking me away from blogging & knitting isn’t for another week! Ah well.

  3. pdxknitterati 01.30.2009 at 3:27 am

    I love both of those yarns, but the blackberry is my favorite. I haven’t made monkeys. I don’t love knitting socks, but I love wearing hand-knit socks! Gotta pay the piper. At least there are a million gorgeous sock patterns out there, so it’s always amusing!

  4. silencepainter 01.30.2009 at 6:36 pm

    Socks are great fun, you’ll love them!

  5. ria f 01.31.2009 at 5:45 pm

    Found you on Ravelry’s blog comment train group. Good luck with the socks – I spent 3 years working up the nerve to try them , now I love socks.

    Ria – tonyfan4ever on ravelry

  6. maryeb 01.31.2009 at 6:54 pm

    I found you through ravelry. Love the name of your blog.
    Gorgeous yarn, I bet it’s soooo tempting. Good for you, working on your presentations with so much luscious yarn waiting for you.
    And good luck with them!

  7. yarndancer 02.02.2009 at 3:41 pm

    Yay for sock knitting!! Monkey’s a great pattern to choose for your first one, it’s not too hard and very well written. Be warned though, they’re addictive! 😀

  8. beautyredefined 02.03.2009 at 11:08 pm

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    You can do socks. Trust me. I did a sock before I realized I was supposed to be scared of them. Admittedly, I got to the heel on my first one, was terrribly confused by the short rows and frogged it, only to discover I’d been doing it right all along. (The pattern never explicitly stated they were short rows, so I thought I had increased or decreased incorrectly and had the wrong number of stitches. I had no idea how turning a heel was supposed to look.)

    I’m just starting to get into sock knitting myself. My first pair was acrylic worsted – not a good choice, so I’m eager to start something beautiful with a proper weight yarn.

  9. tangletale 02.07.2009 at 8:19 pm

    I’m afraid of socks too- it’s not the heel that terrifies me though it’s the having to knit 2 things just alike. I’m afraid I’ll never finish them.

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