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Pictures and a Wedding Video

I’ve been away the last five days in California for my friend’s bachelorette party (which was awesome… spa day, shopping, Wii games, wine and yummy Mexican food – what more could you ask for?) and just got back to the East Coast – going from 98 degree weather to 60 degree weather is a big change! We spent one day at a dog beach in Huntington. It wasn’t that warm so we were wearing jackets, but the sun was nice. My friend’s dog, Claude (a mutt – she has no idea what he is, though he is cute!), had fun running around the beach with his friend Harrold (one of the bridesmaid’s dogs). Kubrick and Hitchcock would have had a great time if they’d been there, but sadly they were left behind.

Enjoying the sun

Loving Claude

This is Harrold (he has a mohawk!):

Starting Mohawk

You can't catch me

These looked like parasailers, but they had motors… not sure what to call them:


The zoo was also a lot of fun! I love going to the zoo and the San Diego one is wonderful. I have more pics in my flickr page, but these are some of my favorites… oh and Happy Earth Day too!

Mohawk Monkey

Sleepy Baby

Hiding Out

Resting Place

Goofy Face



Grooming is boring

In knitting news, I finished my first pair of socks on the plane over to California. My Monkeys are finally done and I am so happy to have the pair now. They are so great and fit perfectly! I really can’t believe it took me so long to start knitting socks, but now that I have I can see a lot of pairs in my future. 🙂

Monkey Socks - FINISHED

I took a picture from my iPhone inside the plane as well, but it didn’t come out very well (I had no idea how much planes move until I tried to use my iPhone to take a picture inside of one)… I might share it later, but probably not… it’s not that attractive!

My last bit of news is very exciting to me as I have received my wedding highlights video and I love love love it! I’m sharing it here as I thought some of you would like to see it. Our full length video should arrive soon and my husband and I can’t wait to see it. I just love our videographers (they’re a husband/wife team) and their editing techniques. If you want to see the video, click here. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


Green Cherry Fizz? Yum!

I have been making progress on all my current WIPs and finally have a picture to share of my Green Cherry Fizz. It’s turning out quite lovely, though I’m sure a good blocking will make it even more so. It’s a quick knit as far as time goes, but it’s very complicated with lots of different stitches (I learned a new one too!) and really requires all your concentration – much like Twisted Flower. I’m currently going back and forth between the two with the Monkeys to give me a break from all the concentrating!

Green Cherry Fizz - WIP

Green Cherry Fizz - WIP

I’m going on a trip to California on Thursday for a bachelorette party (I’m the maid – matron? – of honor so I get to throw it) and will have lots of plane time to knit. Maybe I’ll get a big chunk of these done! Here’s to hoping. 🙂

I’ve also been busy the last couple of days dogsitting! I do believe that Guapo made an appearance on this blog once before as he is here once a week (on Mondays) for some doggy company while we humans work. His owners have decided to take their first solo trip (sans Guapo) since they got him a year ago and they have left him with us. So, I’ve been seeing the joys (and the horrors) of having three dogs. I can safely say that there’s no way we’ll ever go there… two seems to be just right for us! But the pups have been loving having a third dog around. I’ve noticed that when one wants to play and the other doesn’t, there’s always a third one around to pick on, which seems to work for them! The three really are having a grand ole time together, and I’m sure they will miss Guapo when he’s back to coming over only once a week. Here are some of my favorite pictures of these three maniacs together:

Bitey Face - F is for Fierce

Wild Hair

You Can't Get Me!

Yes, you saw that right – Hitchcock is under the table playing with the two, LOL.

If I've Told You Once...

Flash of Teeth

I swear it’s not all just teeth, though… they can look sweet too!

So Cute

Tired Out

Crazy Hair

Kubrick’s hair in that last one cracks me up! He needs a bang trim and so he looks even more nuts after a good play session.

Also, thanks to Kathy for the blog award! I’ve gotten this one already but have yet to actually write it out… I’ll probably do it later this week. 🙂

Rainy and Gloomy

Yesterday was a gorgeous day full of sunlight and so warm (we actually got up to 60 degrees – yes, Spring is coming on fast) and today is completely morose. I know, I know, April showers blah blah blah… but really, I hate it when we have weather like this. Makes you want to do pretty much nothing and I have to do some work for tomorrow, so no good! Plus, I haven’t been feeling all that good so of course I’m not all that happy when I look outside and all I see is rain, rain and more rain.

At least I’ve actually gotten a fair amount of knitting done! I finished test knitting the Liquorice Shrug (rav link) that I posted about last time and it came out very nicely indeed. I really liked the pattern (very easy to do) and the yarn is just lovely… the colors are so great in it, I think!

Liquorice Shrug - FINISHED

Liquorice Shrug - FINISHED

The front shot looks odd because I forgot to fix my tank top before taking the picture (oops!) but I swear it fits right… I’m just not going to take another picture because I don’t really want to! 😉

Liquorice Shrug - FINISHED

You can see all the lovely subtle colors better in the next two pics:

Liquorice Shrug - FINISHED

Liquorice Shrug - FINISHED

I’ve been also making progress on my second Monkey sock, though I usually only knit it while on the bus on the way to and from work, so it’s slow progress… it’s my easiest project right now, so I like knitting it on the go.

So although I’ve yet to actually finish a full pair of socks, I’ve already started on my second pair! I’m taking part in two different KALs (Makin’ Cookies and Fiberphile) with a pair of Twisted Flower (Rav link) socks by Cookie A. I can’t believe how much I’m absolutely going gaga over this yarn! It’s a gorgeous Merino Cashmere blend by Fiberphile (who else? I mean, you all know how much I love Fiberphile!) and is SO soft and just goes through your fingers like butter. Plus, the color (True Heart) is just beyond gorgeous:

Fiberphile MCN Glimmer

It’s a great yarn for the pattern since it’s a semi-solid and shows the cables off very nicely… I can’t wait to have more of this knit up as I’m sure it will be amazing! I only have a little over half of the first leg done, but I love it so far!

Twisted Flower Sock - WIP

It’s definitely not an easy pattern and the pattern repeats (especially the cabling, not so much the lace parts) are complicated and not easy to memorize, so I only knit it at night when I can give it my full attention. But it’s definitely worth it for the beautiful results:

Twisted Flower Sock - WIP

At the same time, I’m working on the scarf that I mentioned I was going to knit for my friend in an earlier post. I’m excited about this one as I showed her Cherry Fizz and she decided that she’d love to have it! This is great for me, as it’s one I’ve been wanting to knit since I first saw it on Twist Collective! Now, I just need to cast on for it (probably tomorrow) and will probably go back and forth between it and the Twisted Flower socks. And just for a preview, I’m using this dreamy 100% silk on it… I think it will look yummy in green!

Artyarns Regal Silk

Oh and before I forget, I am the luckiest girl in the world since the hubby allowed me to get a WONDERFUL birthday present early! I am now the proud owner of a new Nikon D90… yes, that’s right, my D40x will still stick around as a backup camera, but the D90 has definitely made me fall over heels in love. And here’s the baby for you all to see (taken by the D40x):

D is for D90

And just to compare, using the exact same settings, here’s a picture of my D40x (taken by my D90). If you look carefully, you can definitely see the lower amount of noise and image quality between the two pictures… I still love my D40x, of course. I could never forget my first dSLR!

D is for D40x

I hope all you blog readers are doing well and not getting too dragged down by all the April rain (well, if April showers applies to your area!). Here’s a picture of Central Park on a sunny! April day to stave you (and me) off from gloomy, rainy days.


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