Exactly a month later…

Wow, I can’t believe how long I’ve let this blog go by the wayside! I feel bad about this lapse in posting but things have been so busy that I honestly can’t say that I have had the time to post anyway. I also haven’t done much of anything special in the last month other than work and work and work. And not fun work either, monotonous and computer-related work… so haven’t had anything to post about. In addition I have had to self-impose a knitting break on myself because I somehow (I don’t know how, really!) sprained my thumb. It is very painful and apparently the only way for it to heal is to not aggravate it. And what aggravates it most? Knitting of course! Argh! I was very upset over this most especially because I’m also on a self-imposed yarn diet that prevents me from indulging in new yarn shopping (3 months now and still going strong… go me!) so things have been pretty gloomy on the knit-front for me. 😦

On the other hand, things are pretty good everywhere else! I started running again after taking a 1.5 year hiatus due to an injury. It’s really slow going and I’m getting frustrated at just how out of shape I really am, but at least I AM going 4x a week. I’ll just have to keep it up!

Also, Hubby and I just celebrated our second year wedding Anniversary on Sunday! We had a wonderful dinner Saturday night and spent all of Sunday with my dad and his wife who were visiting us from Brazil. It was a great weekend and we are so happy to be with each other and are very much looking forward to this our third year of marriage! 🙂

The dogs are doing well and still make me laugh every day with their antics… I swear they do it just for me… look at this shot I took today (new lens, yay!) of them while playing… they both actually stopped just to look and smile at me. I swear they were trying to make sure I was still looking, LOL!

Late Afternoon Play Session

And just because I think they are cute, here are some pictures of them I took today too:

Late Afternoon Play Session

Hitchcock’s vicious teeth:
Late Afternoon Play Session

And the messy hairs after play:
Late Afternoon Play Session

Late Afternoon Play Session

Other than that, things are pretty normal around here… I’m looking forward to getting back to knitting very very soon (let’s hope this stupid thumb heals quickly!). I promise I won’t be gone for another month, though! I’ll be back within the week to post something or another… and hopefully you won’t find it too boring, LOL! I’ll leave you with some shots of NYC and the Statue of Liberty I also took this evening. If you can’t tell, I love thoroughly testing out a new lens when I get it! 😉

Sun sets in NY

Sun sets in NY

I love this shot… notice the crane and the subway running under the Statue of Liberty… a very New York-esque shot!
Sun sets in NY

Now to read all the blogs I’ve missed out on lately! Can’t wait to see what you all have been up to! 😀


8 responses to “Exactly a month later…

  1. Sandra of Enso Monkey 09.14.2010 at 8:10 pm

    Wow, the first photograph of your dogs is very special. Great composition. I love the one who is looking right at me. Their fur is exquisitely photographed…makes me want to reach out and pet them. Nice job!

  2. julie 09.15.2010 at 12:02 am

    Your new lens is amazing. Love the shot of the boys “wrestling.” I sure hope your thumb heals soon bc I miss your knitting too:)

  3. beautyredefined 09.15.2010 at 12:33 am

    As always, I love your photos. Your dogs are so adorable.

  4. cici 09.15.2010 at 6:51 am

    great post as always. Sorry about your thumb. I too am on a yarn diet. Your boys are such hams and great models♥
    Para Bems!!!!aniversário♥

  5. Heather 09.15.2010 at 9:35 am

    Glad you’re back! Great pics, pups are adorable. And you gotta love new lenses! What did you get?

  6. Johanne 09.15.2010 at 3:27 pm

    I’m glad to see that you’re back. It’s been too long. Love your dog photos. Sorry to hear about the thumb. I hope it heals soon. I can’t imagine going so long without knitting. And YAY for you for the yarn diet!

  7. June P 09.15.2010 at 7:03 pm

    Wow, wow, wow!! I love your new lens too!! What precious, precious doggies. . .

    I love all your photos, knitting related or not! Take care of that thumb, only rest will heal it, and knitting is not worth an appendage!

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