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Another sock…

I’m very excited about finishing my second pair of socks for 2011! However, I’m not counting these officially for my 11 in 2011 as really they were started back in September 2009. That’s right… I just finished a pair of socks that I started a little under 18 months ago. How awesome is that?

Psychedelia - FINISHED

I love how these came out! Of course I’d had the first one done all this time, so I knew I’d love them, but it feels good to get these off the needles and onto my feet.

Psychedelia - FINISHED

I knit these using Hazel Knits Artisan Sock. It’s a lovely color (Fireberry) and the yarn is wonderful but a bit cottony feeling. Reminded me a bit of a heavier Wollmeise, actually. I still love the feeling of the socks on my feet, though… just like WM! 🙂

Psychedelia - FINISHED

Pattern – Psychedelia by Melissa Goodale (project link | pattern link)
Yarn – Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Fireberry (rav link | store I used)
Needle – US1.5 (2.5mm)
Cast on – September 19, 2009
Cast off – January 30, 2011
Modifications – Did my standard toe rather than the one written in the pattern.

In other knitting news, I’m done with all the prototypes for my hat (thanks for all the lovely comments on the last post!) and it’s currently being test knit. Pattern will be coming out around Valentine’s Day, so be ready for it! Here’s a sneak peek with the pile of Nouveau Bohemia goodness. So yummy!

Nouveau Bohemia - Prototypes


Sock 1 of 11 in 2011

I finished my first pair of socks for 2011 and am so happy to be right on point with doing 11 pairs in 2011. Just between you and me, though, I’m pretty sure that I will end up with more than 11 pairs when all’s said and done, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens! 🙂

Hedera Socks - FINISHED

Meet Hedera, the first sock in the Sock.Knit.Love KAL going on over on Ravelry. I had never knit this Cookie A pattern before but I was happy to see it was a very easy and quick knit, taking only two days for each sock.

Hedera Socks - FINISHED

And the yarn was a dream to work with! I’m actually a little sad that these socks are now my sister’s as it was my only BFL/Nylon blend and being from Fiberphile the color is just gorgeous. Not an easy one to let go of, let me tell you… and somehow I’m seeing a pattern here from my last post. Maybe I need to be a more selfish knitter? Hmmm…

Hedera Socks - FINISHED

Pattern – Hedera by Cookie A (project link | pattern link)
Yarn – Fiberphile BFL/Nylon Sock in Black Cherry (rav link | store I used)
Needle – US1 (2.25mm)
Cast on – January 11, 2010
Cast off – January 26, 2011
Modifications – none

PS: To my dear readers: I’m way behind on replying to comments, but am slowly getting through it… bear with me while I get them done please!

2010 – A Year in Knits

It is the last day of 2010 and I’m feeling, honestly, a little relieved. Sure, 2010 had some great moments but overall it was a pretty sucky year for hubby and I (not between us, just life getting in the way) and we’re feeling ready to welcome 2011. I for one am hoping that 2011 will be our year so I’m welcoming the new year with open arms. That being said, I did enjoy my 2010 Knit Year. Yes, I took a break for 2 months where I didn’t knit a single thing and that probably set me off target for number of knits I would have liked to do, but that’s okay. I didn’t make as many knits as I did in 2009, but I did make bigger knits than I did then, so perhaps it all evens out in the end.

Before I recap the knitted projects, I should mention that I also had some resolutions to come to term with from the beginning of the year. Of 4 resolutions I accomplished 2. Meh. Not sure if that’s exactly what I was going for, but at least I did do two of the things I was hoping for. As for the other two (more colorwork and learn entrelac), I’m not too sure that I miss not having done them. Sure, I want to start doing more colorwork and entrelac might be fun to learn – though to be honest I’m not as much of a fan of the look at all anymore – but really having knit more sweaters and done 10 shawls in 2010 sounds pretty good to me! 🙂

So what have I finished? The total count came to twenty-four finished projects. Not too shabby, though certainly not as grand as the thirty I did in 2009. But still, I love the knits I made this year, so I’m not going to dwell on this drop in numbers!

Socks – Didn’t make nearly enough of these this year! As a matter of fact, I’m thinking 2011 will be a year of socks for me! I love wearing my knitted socks and when I realized that I have enough only to last me about a week, I knew this is something to be remedied! Particularly because I love knitting them up too. 🙂
Total: 3 pairs (WIPs: 3… all started in 2009 and still hibernating! Ack!)

Sam – made for my stepdad, Bob
Sam Socks - FINISHED

Circle Socks – Possibly my favorite pair of socks ever
Flapper Circle Socks - FINISHED

Dangerous Socks for Boys – also made for my stepdad, Bob, who LOVES knit socks and really appreciates them
Dangerous Socks for Bob - FINISHED

Gloves – I love me some fingerless gloves and will definitely be making myself another pair in the near future!
Total – 2 pairs

Snow on Cedars Mitts
Snow Over Cedars Mitts - FINISHED

Dyade Mitts – Present for Carla
Dyade Mitts - FINISHED

Shawls – Finished my goal of 10 shawls in 2010! Yes, I was aiming for 20 at one point but quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen and am more than happy with the 10 I did make!
Total – 10

Theory Shawlette
Theory Shawlette - FINISHED

Hamamelis Shawl - FINISHED

Cedar Leaf Shawlette – Present for my sister
Cedar Leaf Shawlette - FINISHED

Wast Side Shawl
Wast Side Shawl - FINISHED

Arabella Shawl
Arabella Shawl - FINISHED

Bitterroot – Present for Deana
Bitterroot - FINISHED

Herbivore Shawl - FINISHED

Children of Lir Shawl – Present for Flavia
Children of Lir Shawl - FINISHED

Folha Luz I – My first design!
Folha Luz - FINISHED

Folha Luz II – Second prototype
Folha Luz - FINISHED

Cowls – Just one for a friend. I’m not a fan of cowls, to be honest, as I don’t think they really work at keeping you warm! But as this friend lives in California where you don’t have to kept warm, I thought it was a fitting gift.
Total – 1

Dyade Cowl
Dyade cowl - Finished

Hats – I made a ton of hats at the end of the year as Christmas gifts… always a quick gift to make!
Total – 4 (WIPs: 1, cast on in 2009)

Windschief – for Andrei
Windschief - FINISHED

Crooked Paths – for Deana
Crooked Paths Hat - FINISHED

Turn a Square – for Sebastian (who is wearing it in the second picture)
Turn a Square Hat - FINISHED

Turn a Square Hat

Sofie’s Slouch – for my sister
Flavia's Slouch - FINISHED

Sweaters – Actually what I concentrated on for 2010, and I was pretty successful in the end, IMO! I did many different kinds of sweaters – top down, bottom up, seamed, seamless – and learned many different techniques while doing them. And although I had one failure (a sweater that I made way way too big!), I did have many successes, so I’m pretty pleased in the end with this line up. 🙂
Total – 4 (WIPs: 1 – and almost finished too!)

Swing – First sweater where I had to do lots of math-fu to change things to my gauge. Love love love the outcome!
Swing Cardigan - FINISHED

Celtic Cathedral Cardigan – Turned out ENORMOUS on me and definitely not one I wear. Sad, because I do like the sweater, it just isn’t wearable. I’m thinking about giving this one to someone else so it will be worn!
Celtic Cardigan Test Knit - FINISHED

Sunniva – Wear this one ALL THE TIME! My favorite sweater by far!
Sunniva - FINISHED

Sugar Bear Hooded Cardigan – Made for Tudor – definitely a success!
Sugar Bear Hoodie

And I must share a picture of my WIP Effortless Cardigan because I am SO close to being done – just the bands left! – and I cast on for it on Dec. 26!! It’s been such a quick and satisfying knit. 🙂

Effortless Cardigan - WIP

I’m really looking forward to the next year in knits and am excited about sharing that journey with you, my dear blog readers! One thing I did really love about 2010 is finding a lot of new knitting blogs to read and keeping up with knitting blogs that I had already been reading. Here’s to another year of knitting blogs!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and I’ll see you next year! 😉

Back to socks… soon!

Twisted Flower Socks - FINISHED

I’ve realized over the knitting years that I have phases in my knitting. At the moment I’m between a pretty intense shawl phase and the beginning of a sweater phase, though to be truthful I don’t think I can go through an all-sweater phase, as that just might be too much for me! But if you had asked me a bit more than a year ago what my thing of the moment was, I’d definitely have answered socks!

Glynis Socks - FINISHED!

From the moment I began knitting socks I was in love with the process (so quick and portable and fun!) as well as the end product (socks that fit and are comfy and warm!). So although I’ve been on a lull from sock knitting, they’re always in the back of my mind and I will most definitely be knitting some pairs for Christmas this year (I’m scared of the fact that Christmas is exactly 2 months away and I haven’t even started my knitting list yet… eek!) and will start knitting them again soon.

Devon Socks - FINISHED

With that in mind, I was so excited when I opened my email this morning to an announcement from my all-time favorite sock designer, Cookie A! Her new sock book, Knit. Sock. Love., came out today on PDF (which of course I already bought and downloaded)! It was like the world was telling me it’s time to pick up those sock needles again and get the next pair off the needles! And amazingly enough I have a Cookie A sock on the needles that I haven’t picked up in basically exactly a year… and they are the perfect color for fall and so pretty don’t you think?

Vilai Socks - WIP

I will be finishing these as soon as I get my current sweater done and then move on to cast on a sock from her new book! I’ve always wanted to knit Lissajous, but I think I might be casting on Wedge first. I just love how awesome they look!

Anyone else as crazy about socks as me? What knitting phases are you going through? Or do you not have phases of knitting? Do share! 🙂

Stitch ‘n Pitch 2010

I was so excited about going to the annual Stitch ‘n Pitch event at Citifield this year as this was the first time that I was actually able to go! The last couple of years I have known about this event I was either too busy to go or found out about it too late and missed out. This year I bought my ticket, though, and was ready! I love going to see baseball games. It’s one of my favorite sports to watch in person, but especially when it’s my favorite team, the Mets (and please, no jabs at how they’ve been doing lately, it’s a little painful to me). Note that I said in person, though, as I hate watching baseball on TV – too boring! But in person there is just something about the excitement of a baseball game, the players (always looking larger than life to me) standing out in contrast with the bright green field, the hot dogs and the beer, the sunburns and the baseball caps, the cheering and booing of the crowd and, to an extent, even the drunken fans. It all says baseball to me and though I didn’t get into games until later in life, it’s still one of my favorite things to do on a summer weekend evening. So of course pairing that with one of my other favorite things to do – knitting – was just a complete no-brainer to me! I already do knit at baseball games, so this wasn’t a completely foreign idea to me, but there was just something so cool about being able to do it with other people as well that I just couldn’t pass it up!

In trying to think about a project to take to a baseball game (in case you ever are contemplating this), make sure to bring something small and portable as well as something that you’ve already easily memorized. For me, this was a pair of socks of which I have had one finished since last year when – wait for it – I actually knit it while watching the Mets play in September! Yes, these have been waiting for almost a year to be a complete pair.

Psychedelia Socks - WIP

These were a test knit (pattern has since been published – it’s Psychedelia (rav link)) that I never shared with you all because I knit them right before I got the Swine flu and then I up and forgot about them! And that’s a real shame as I love how the sock came out.

Psychedelia Socks - WIP

After seeing this lonesome sock, and remembering that I had knit it at a Mets game last year, I decided that knitting its mate during Stitch ‘n Pitch was probably the most awesome idea ever! Plus, then that would mean that I could actually wear it. 😉

Psychedelia Socks - WIP

The game was awesome – Mets vs Marlins (of course the Mets won – Go Mets!) – and it was so cool to be able to knit along with a bunch of other knitter and crocheters!

Notice how everyone in this picture is either knitting or crocheting – and one girl is even wearing a Ravelry shirt! I couldn’t get any great shots because I took my crappy point and shoot (a bulky camera is just not a great thing to lug around at a baseball game, sadly enough) but I still love this shot I got of the woman next to me crocheting with some bright orange yarn!

Stich n Pitch 2010

My husband (also a Mets fan, though he’s first and foremost an A’s fan – I try not to hold this against him) took this picture of me holding up my sock in progress.

Stich n Pitch 2010

It was so much fun sitting in this section (there were over 500 knitters and crocheters there, I think, though I’m not 100% sure of the actual count) and we all talked amongst ourselves, though we didn’t know each other. I taught one lady sitting behind me how to do Magic Loop as she’d never seen it done before and she thought it was an awesome technique (which it is). It made me happy that I was able to help someone else out at something like this! 🙂

So it was a wonderful evening! I walked away with a slight tan, a win for my team, and a fun time with knitter and crocheters. What could be better?

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